A new competitive wholesale marketplace dedicated to serving the food and drink sector across the UK.

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Reach more customers, sell more products quickly and easily. 

Wholesale doesn’t have to be a headache. Delishops Wholesale makes trade sales quick and easy for buyers and sellers – with no development or coding required.


Spend less time on purchasing and more time growing your business.

From the quest to find the right products (at the right price) to managing orders, delivery and wider expenditure – Delishops Wholesale is designed to make business buying easier.


Our mission: Double the size of at least 1,000 food businesses by 2020.

It’s a simple, powerful but important mission, and it’s one we’re committed to because we sincerely believe it can change the face of the food sector for good – Delishops Wholesale is just the start there are opportunities for growth across the entire food & drink sector. 

Food Manufacturers

Access more customers in one place, without the need to create your own online wholesale sales platform.

Farm Shops

Compare and reference new products and prices, benchmark available products and make sure that you are always up to date with new trends and innovations in food retailing.


Reduce wasteful spend with hassle-free orders, only purchasing what your business actually needs at a trade price and quantity discount that works for you.


Create memorable food and drink moments that keep your customers coming back with the finest artisan products that they cannot get anywhere else.

Festivals & Events

Turn attendees into ongoing sales all year round. Reach out to consumers with your own ecommerce store.

Coming soon

Publishers & Bloggers

Turn your readers, fans and followers into buyers. Reach out to consumers with your own ecommerce store.

Coming soon

Wholesalers & Distributors

Extend your customer base. Include your whole catalogue and make it easier for customers and prospects to browse, find, order and re-order products from you.

Pubs & Restaurants

Find new ingredients and create the perfect menu around seasonal, local or consumer food trends. 


Charlie Turnbull

Delishops Founder

So if you share in this vision…and the idea of doubling the size of your business appeals to you, then register for early access, subscribe to our newsletter or connect on social media. We’d love to hear from you.


Tools, knowledge and inspiration to give your business a boost

It’s hard enough running a food business let alone doubling it! That’s why we are putting together a range of tools and resources to ensure that our subscribers get the most from each of our channels.


We are creating a library of simple, practical how-to guides – and some of them are interactive as well

Cheat sheets

Shhh – It’s about marketing not rocket science. You have all the ingredients – cheat sheets are the method


Join us and industry professional for interactive online webinars covering just about everything needed to run a successful food business.


Blog posts, news and views from top food businesses and industry experts like the Guild of Fine Food

Success stories

Sometimes you just need to see how other people have done it! So, we’ll be sharing success stories.

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Help yourself and others with private peer to peer support forums for each market sector and topic.


Connect, chat, ask questions, network and exchange ideas with other Delishops customers to find out what they are doing to double the size of their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a subscription fee for wholesale buyers?

No, the subscription is free for businesses wishing to use Delishops Wholesale for purchasing only.

How do I accept payments with Delishops Wholesale?

Delishops Wholesale comes fully integrated with Stripe (Our centralised payment gateway) so your customers are able to pay by credit card payments and other payment methods such as Apple Pay and PayPal. No need to sign up for any accounts with Stripe, PayPal or any other payment gateway – Just manage your products and we’ll take care of payments.

Can I download Delishops?

No. Delishops is a fully-managed cloud website and ecommerce platform. Whilst we do not have any plans to make a self hosted version, we do provide many methods for exporting your content and data.

Can I change my subscription later?

No problem! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

Free tools, knowledge and inspiration

Get the knowledge and inspiration you need to build a profitable business — straight to your inbox.

No charge, and you can unsubscribe at any time.