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Welcome to Delishops Wholesale Professional. 

Delishops is a network of 9,000+ independent retailers, and Delishops Wholesale Pro is your tool to meet them. 

Some are large or important businesses, such as Selfridges, Keelham Farm Shop, Appetite Me or Fenwick’s – online hamper companies, large garden centres or high footfall food halls.  They have active buying teams and make significant purchases.  Delishops have connections with these buyers.

Most are small – independent delicatessens, farm shops, butchers, bakers, village shops, tourist attractions and wine shops.  There are thousands of these businesses all over the country.  Many of the product buyers for these businesses are the owners or manager of these shops, standing behind the counter every day. They are hard to reach.  They use Delishops to browse, connect and buy.

Then there are the Very Big Retailers – Tesco, Ocado and more.  The buyers change regularly, and getting placed on their shelves can change your business. Even the biggest producers and wholesalers struggle to get their attention.  They want to stay aloof and contact you not you contact them.  They watch Delishops Live events.

Then there are other wholesalers like Cotswold Fayre, Hider Foods, Diverse and more.  They are not in competition with Delishops, they use Delishops to find people like you.

Delishops Professional is a unique service to help you reach these buyers.

What Buyers need from you

What these buyers need is to see your products, see the USPs of your products, and See You. And they want to do this easily, on their time, and order samples at their convenience.  They wat to look at curated range of Producers who can fulfil what they need now – a category, and occasion such as Fathers Day, a season such as Christmas.  They want to see all the promotions in one place.

Delishops does that and Delishops Pro gets you poll position in front of those Buyers.

  • They will see your products in our main shop – over 5,000 artisan products across every category, fully searchable
  • They will see you USPs – your relevance to health and lifestyles, your sustainability criteria, whether you give to a charity, your product certifications, your region or country of origin
  • We place your products in our curated ranges, our promotional calendar and our live events
  • We promote your promotions
  • We let them meet you in an interview vlog – a video presentation
  • We promote all the above in our newsletters our social media and our events

And they connect with you.

Your Video Presentation, Your Showroom

You video presentation is part of the service – we record it in a virtual studio from the convenience of your own location.  Then we promote it as the first point of access for people to meet you. 

Your video presentation is hosted in your Showroom.  Your showroom has your video, your catalogue, your samples, and your contact details. You showroom contains your own digital forum and discussion board. It becomes a 24/7 365 trade stand.

Most important it show to YOU all the people who have watched your video, ordered your samples or bought your products for you to connect with, talk to, post to and develop into you community.  They are your followers all in one place for you to develop your customer base. 

You can keep them informed of new promotions, upcoming events, NPD/new products or simply be there to answer questions.

And there is more

Delishops Pro places you in our LIVE EVENTS

Delishops Pro gives you priority access to our AMAZON PRIME service

Delishops Pro gives you priority position in our Delishops PURCHASING CONSULTANCY service

Get in touch to find out more

How do you sign up

Delishops is a subscriptions service, minimum six months, to digitally build your trade.  £65 per month it is exceptional value and you can get started today. 

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