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ClicBox Ltd Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

There are several different types of cookies

A cookie is a bit of code which identifies the user of a website by that website.  It will be stored on your computer or other device, and may be temporary or long term for when you revisit and the website can welcome you back.

Cookies are used by websites to remember things like who you are, your preferences and what is in your shopping basket. Each cookie is unique to each website that made it, and can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Session cookies: these are limited to individual visits to a website, and are deleted when you close your browser.  You can control these with your browser settings.

Permanent Cookies: These will stay active on your computer unless deliberately delated.  They tell the website about your use of the website, and that information is often aggregated to assess how the website works for customers collectively. You can control these with your browser settings.

Locally Shared Objects or Flash Cookies: Flash Cookies are a separate class of cookies that sometimes are often not affected by your browser settings.  They are typically controlled or removed through the Adobe Flash Settings Manager, either on your computer or through the Adobe website.

How does DeliShops use cookies?

DeliShops needs cookies to help you use our platform.  For example cookies remember you choices, your basket, your filters and more.

Cookies do not store personal data such as your name or your billing information.  Our cookies have no dangerous content, nor do we use the cookies to collect information for sale to third parties.  They are like name badges, not spies.

If you do not accept cookies then you the platform will offer only limited functionality.

When do you consent to DeliShops using cookies?

When you visit the DeliShops platform and your browser is set to allow cookies, you are consenting to ClicBox using cookies for the reasons laid out in this policy.

The DeliShops platform will not be fully functional without cookies being enabled.

Some cookies are placed by our partners on our behalf to help us assess and improve the DeliShops platform performance and communication.  These partners will always act in accordance with the ClicBox Cookie Policy and the ClicBox Privacy Policy.

What about social networks?

Click social network buttons on the DeliShops platform may result in a social network placing cookies on your device.  These are not DeliShops cookies and are not subject to our control or this policy.  Review the privacy policy of the relevant company to finds out more.

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