Privacy Policy

Who are we?

ClicBox Ltd owns the DeliShops platform (“ClicBox”)

Privacy Policy

This Policy explains how ClicBox collect, use and manage personal information.

ClicBox works with Retailer Partners (“Retailers”) who use our service to have an online shop on our platform (“DeliShops”) to sell their own products and those of our Supplier Partners.  Supplier Partners (“Suppliers”) use our platform to offer their products to you the Customer through Retailers’ DeliShops.

We collect information when you visit or purchase on the DeliShops platform, communicate with us and from our Supplier and Retail Partners.

We use this information to provide better products and services, for marketing and for analysing to deliver you and other customers a more personalised experience.

We will share you information with the Retailer with whose DeliShop you have interacted.

We will pass to Suppliers such of your information for them to complete any purchase you have made and to provide appropriate customer service.

ClicBox is responsible for the processing of your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

What information do we collect?

Where do we get it from?

We collect

•             Information which you enter into your DeliShops account;

•             Information on your preferences and choices;

•             Information from Retailer and Supplier Partners;

•             Information from public databases and sources:

•             DeliShop platform usage information

•             Social media information

We do not store your billing information or credit card details.  You enter this through a third party Worldpay gateway, and this is not part of the DeliShops platform.

From you through the information you submit when interacting with our DeliShops platform.  This may include but may not be limited to creating an DeliShops account, entering our competitions and communication with us.

From our websites through cookies and similar technology. See our Cookies Policy

From our Supplier and Retail Partners as part of providing you with products you enquire about or purchase, and the customer service to support those enquiries and purchases.

From social media: we collect data when you link to integrated social media platforms from the DeliShops platform.

What do we use your information for?

1)            To provide products and services with supporting customer services

2)            To communicate regarding enquires about and purchases of goods and services

3)            To improve DeliShops services

4)            To analyse and understand your wants and needs and those of customers collectively

5)            To detect illegal activity, protect our customers and improve the security of the DeliShops platform

6)            For market research

7)            To provide you and other customers with focussed advertising

How can I opt out?

If you wish to opt out of any element of our communications with you can unsubscribe here or click on the link at the bottom of any email received.

Some features of our services require that we know some things about you, for example to make deliveries or contact you regarding an order.   Therefore withdrawing consent may prevent us from fulfilling some or all of our or our Retail or Supplier Partner’s services.

Our Retailer Partners operate separate data registers to ClicBox. Please contact them directly through their website if you wish to opt out from their communications or services.

Who might we share your information with?

We may share your information with the ClicBox parent company, Turnbull & Turnbull Ltd, and group companies.

Our Retail Partner: we share your data with the Retailer through whom you entered the DeliShop platform. Pleas review their Privacy policy on their website.

Our Supplier Partners: we share sufficient data with our Supplier Partners to deliver their goods and services, with supporting customer services.  Supplier Partners are not authorised to use your customer data for any purpose other than responding to your enquiries and purchases.

Our contracted service providers: we may share your data with 3rd party service parties to provide services to us.  These parties are contracted not to give away or sell your data, or use it for any other purpose that that we have contracted them to deliver on.

An inheritor of this business: a successor to all or part of our business as legally permitted will have access to your data, and be bound by equivalent an continuing obligations in privacy as required under law.

In the event it is necessary for us to share information to meet legal or regulatory obligations, or to protect ourselves or our Retail or Supplier Partners, we will do so. This may include but may not be limited to and where legally permitted sharing with government or other authorised agencies, and confronting fraud or other crimes.

Holding data on Children

Our services are not intended for children, and we do not intentionally collect data on children.  Please contact us if you think we may be doing so and will act appropriately.


We are a small company and we use typical and reasonable security measures to protect our and your data, and we talk all reasonable precautions to keep our and your data safe.  It is none the less possible however unlikely for us to be hacked as the internet is and will never be a 100% safe place.

We ask you to use similar reasonable precautions to ensure your passwords are safe.

What about other sites DeliShops is linked to?

ClicBox does not and cannot take responsibility for websites and platforms not under its control, but which may be linked to the DeliShops platform.

Contacting us

Contact us at any time on any subject

Does this policy ever change?

Yes, from time to time.  We will update you using the information you have submitted if this occurs.