Black Kale Pesto Fresco SIPO [ 150gr.x 6tab per box]

The Black Kale is a typical vegetable of winter months that not everyone, unfortunately, knows and uses as it deserves. It has truly incredible beneficial properties for our body that we cannot and absolutely must not ignore. Very rich in antioxidants, vitamins (especially vitamins A and C), potassium, folic acid and mineral salts but let’s see what its exceptional properties are:

Helps prevent various forms of cancer, especially colon, rectal, stomach, bladder, prostate, breast and liver cancers;
Improves digestive processes; It has very few calories and is therefore suitable for those on a diet; Anti-inflammatory properties (ulcers, gastritis, cystitis); Purifying powers; Excellent antiviral and immunostimulant, a sort of natural vaccine against the viruses of the winter season; Cardioprotective properties.
[gr150 tab- 6tab per box]


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Black Kale Pesto Fresco SIPO is an excellent sauce for pasta.
A winter sauce with a Tuscan flavor as an alternative to Genoese pesto with basil.
Black Kale Pesto Fresco SIPO is a delicious sauce very versatile in cooking preparation. It is perfect to seasoning pasta, garnishing croutons or filling focaccia, it’s also simple and easy to prepare.
[gr150 tab- 6tab per box]


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