Brannland IsCider Barrique 2017 750ml

A superlative ice cider aged for 12 months in a barrel, sweetness balanced by juicy and tart with a long structured finish.


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Every year Brannland Cider sets apart some of its ice cider for barrel ageing. 12 months on a barrel softens and integrates the high acidity and fresh apples notes with the natural residual sugar to create a deeper, more complex ice cider, darker both in colour as well as on the palate. The 2017 cider was very powerful already at pressing and extraction. The most prominent and powerful wines were both fermented and aged in used 500 litre Austrian oak barrels.

The dominant apple variety is Ingrid Marie and the robust vintage of 2017 has deepened and darkened further as a result of the barrel ageing. Pressed and fermented exclusively from 100% fresh-picked, Swedish apples and concentrated using the naturally occurring cold climate in Northern Sweden. No addition of preservatives, flavours or colours. Alcohol and chaptilisation not allowed.

Brannland Cider works with Markus Lunden, winemaker at Georg Brauer, leading Rhein wine producers, to maintain a pristine winemaking regime, which is seen through its isciders.

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Cider Is Wine is the quality mark for ciders and perries fermented exclusively from apples and pears, not-from-concentrate. There are no global standards the production of ciders and perries meaning that in the UK most cider made comes from just 35% juice all of which can be imported concentrate, which can make a British cider. Cider Is Wine ciders and perries are all made by crafts people from 100% fresh juice.

Cider Is Wine works with some of the world’s cutting edge cider producers, those with great peer reviews, leaders of their industry who believe passionately in the heritage and sustainable quality of what they do.  They have great precision and artistry in the ciders and perries that they make, and they are all individuals.

Cider Is Wine’s objective is that by 2030 all available global trade and consumers will be aware of the ciders and perry sector, exclusively fermented, either partially or wholly, fermented from apples and pears, not-from-concentrate.

Cider Is Wine markets, imports, distributes and retails exceptional producers of artisan ciders made like wines to the description above. It leads the alcohol market in increasing the value of the cider experience from consumers through the whole trade, working with influencers and media to create the awareness of the niche sector which is worth an estimated £150M at UK retail value.

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