Charcuterie Sharing Platter

A platter of 4 different meats: Smoked Mutton, Air-Dried Pork Loin, Dorset Coppa, Dorset Air-Dried Beef and 2 different salamis from the following: Dorset Rosette, Rampisham Tingler, Chorizo, Pork & Venison Pepperoni, and Dorset Warmer.  We will use the best products that are ready in our maturing room on the day so the Sharing Platters do change from batch to batch.

This makes a generous starter for two people and is excellent served with a salad, maybe with shavings of parmesan

Every single product has an award from the Great Taste Awards 2019 and 2020, and if the right products are ready then this single pack of charcuterie may have up to 15 Stars!

Packed in modified atmosphere (carbon dioxide & nitrogen).  ALL packaging is 100% recyclable

Shelf life: bb_3_month

Ships From: United Kingdom (UK)

Sold By : Capreolus Fine Foods


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Smoked Mutton: Mutton leg, salt, rosemary, garlic, juniper berries, black pepper, port. Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Air-Dried Pork Loin: Pork loin, salt, white pepper, fennel seeds, juniper berries, mace, cloves. Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Dorset Coppa: Pork neck, salt, black pepper, white pepper, juniper berries, coriander seeds, mace, allspice. Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Dorset Air-Dried Beef: Beef, salt, muscovado sugar, black pepper, rosemary, thyme, juniper berries, port. Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Dorset Rosette Salami: Pork, pork fat, salt, black pepper, garlic, Quatre Epices (white pepper, ginger, cloves, mace). Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Rampisham Tingler Salami: ngredients: Pork, pork fat, salt, fennel seeds, star anise, chilli, port.  Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Dorset Chorizo: Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, salt, paprika, ancho chilli, garlic, cayenne pepper.  Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Pork & Venison Pepperoni: Pork, venison, pork fat, salt, garlic, paprika, MUSTARD, cayenne, star anise, fennel, port.  Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

Dorset Warmer Salami: Pork, pork fat, salt, garlic, black pepper, paprika, ancho chilli, urfa chilli, cayenne, chilli flakes.  Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid





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Capreolus Fine Foods Ltd. is a family-owned charcuterie producer in West Dorset run by Karen and David Richards.  They are their small team follow timeless artisan techniques inspired by the finest Continental producers to make a wide range of charcuterie.  They work with pork, beef, mutton, duck, and venison; most of which is produced locally by small farmers who raise animals specifically for Capreolus.

With a real emphasis on quality they use the finest whole spices, grinding them freshly for each batch. Capreolus has won numerous awards including six products with 3 Stars, six with 2 Stars, and five with 1 Star at the 2019/2020 Great Taste Awards. Their Guanciale (pig cheek cured in the same way as pancetta) was named The Great Taste Charcuterie Product of the Year 2019 and their Smoked Pancetta won the Golden Fork for the South West in 2020.

They are able to supply both whole pieces and sliced meats in modified atmosphere trays which are easy for the busy chef to use and both the plastic tray and the film are 100% recyclable. Capreolus is approved to the SALSA standard.