Fighter Shots Ginger 12x 60ml (Great Taste Award 2020)

Ginger shots with 35% organic cold pressed ginger support your immunity, fight colds and flus.

  • 100% natural energy drink
  • A healthy boost of vitamin C that fights fevers and cold symptoms
  • 27g of raw organic ginger in each bottle
  • No preservatives
  • Glass packaging

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Ginger is a superfood that will give you a natural energy boost without the caffeine!

Moreover, it is a healthy boost of vitamin C that fights fevers and cold symptoms.

Ginger has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. It is high in gingerol and contains more potassium than a banana. Moreover, ginger acts as a natural antihistamine for allergies.

Ginger is a member of a plant family that includes cardamom and turmeric. This root is rich in volatile oils that contain the active component gingerol, a potent anti – inflammatory compound.

More health benefits include:

  • relieving nausea,
  • loss of appetite,
  • motion sickness
  • pain.

It’s also good for anyone who wants to treat

  • fevers,
  • poor circulation,
  • inflammatory conditions.

About our ingredients:

Our organic ginger juice is obtained from fully matured, sorted and cleaned ginger. The ginger roots are milled, enzymatically treated, cold pressed and acidified.

Our organic lemon juice is produced from mature, healthy, ripe and clean fresh lemon fruits.


Great on its own or diluted in cold or hot water.

Store in a cool and dark place. Drink within 48 hours of opening. The shots are suitable for freezing too.

Made with only 4 ingredients:

1. organic ginger (35%)

2. organic lemon (30%)

3. Hilltop Honey (20%)

4. Filtered water (15%)


About us:

Fighter Shots are 100% natural superfood energy shots, that increase focus, reduce fatigue and improve immunity, acting as a supercharged alternative to coffee or black tea.

Our sustainable glass packaging makes the product stand out from the rest, and unlike plastic bottles, glass does not emit any harmful chemicals into the drink – packaging that’s better for you and the planet.

The unique blend of potent ingredients (organic ginger, honey) provides superior health benefits for office employees and students, but also athletes and the elderly, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties of these ingredients.


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