Maters and Co 100% Pure Unpasteurised Cambridgeshire Summer Honey 325g x 6

This pure summer multi-floral honey is produced in the Cambridgeshire countryside. It has a delightfully delicate floral flavour with a light yellow colour. This honey may crystallise over time and may turn a creamy white colour. Uses: With its light flavour this multi-floral honey is great in baking, smoothies, marinades, salad dressings and to sweeten tea.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Unpasteurised Cambridgeshire Summer Honey

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Pure, unheated, unpasteurised and unprocessed. This is perhaps one of the most important characteristics and health benefits of the final product, as it preserves all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements. Maters & Co’s hives along with their ethical producers in the UK and the Pyrenees of Spain produce small batches whilst never exhausting the hives of their winter supplies. This collectively results in quality raw honey full of natural enzymes, nutrients and antimicrobial properties. Once you’ve tasted the intimate and rich flavours of our single-origin honeys, regular supermarket ‘honey’ will never do.

Shipping information: Orders of 1-4 cases have a £10 delivery cost, 5-8 cases incur a £3 delivery cost, 9-12 cases incur £2 delivery charge and 13+ cases qualify for free delivery.

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