Orriss & Son ‘Fresh Tendrils’

‘Fresh Tendrils’ is based on the subtle heat of fresh green jalapeños. Balanced with green peppers, apple juice, earthy nettle and mint this tasty green sauce imparts a vibrant acidity, starting with a gentle heat… transforming into a big tang!

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Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces have been developed with one thing in mind; to bring out the best in any dish. The three sauce range, all defined by their own unique characteristics, can bring a diverse & eclectic feel to your home cooking!

Only produced in small batches to ensure maximum freshness & integrity of flavour, as well as being proudly Vegan & Gluten Free,  Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces are suitable for:

  • marinating meat, fish, vegetables or meat-free substitutes pre-cooking;
  • seasoning braised dishes during cooking, cutting through richness;
  • adding to dressings & dipping sauces to bring a unique chilli kick;
  • splashing neat onto finished dishes to intensify flavour & add balance.

These sauces allow consumers the opportunity to customise & adapt their usual repertoire, while encouraging more adventurous cooking making mealtimes more inspiring.


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