Turkish coffee as reinvented for the modern coffee drinker, inspired by a taste for bright Italian espresso and a love of tradition. Mozaik is a whole new journey of discovery for the tastebuds.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica beans, ground.
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Hand crafted artisan Turkish coffee. Each batch of Özerlat coffee is crafted in Nicosia, Cyprus to a special artisan method. Made from 100% pure Arabica beans, with no flavours or preservatives added.

Mozaik is our new Turkish coffee blended exclusively created for the UK market. It’s Turkish coffee reinvented for the modern coffee drinker. Inspired by a taste for bright Italian espresso and a love of tradition, it is a whole new journey of discovery for the tastebuds.

Under a luscious crema, the Mozaik blend offers sumptuous roasted nut and red berry aromas, with a buttery smooth palate showing hazelnut, cranberry and tangy citrus notes.

It comes in 250gr bags, vacuum packed for freshness.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica beans, ground. Only for use to make Turkish coffee, not suitable for cafetiere or other coffee machines.

Instructions for How to brew Turkish coffee: Add 1 heaped teaspoon of coffee (and sugar if you wish) to the pot (ibrik/ cezve) along with 70 ml of room temperature water, place over a medium heat and stir gently to combine the ingredients. Leave it to brew undisturbed but watch carefully to ensure it doesn’t boil. What you’re looking for is the moment just before boiling when the foam starts to rise at the edges. As soon as this happens, lift the pot away from the heat and carefully pour into your coffee cup.

Shelf life: over 1 year. Once opened, keep in an airtight container away from smells, direct sunlight and humidity. Can be stored in the fridge for extended freshness.

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As Ozerlat, we are artisan producers and suppliers of Real Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, Tahin Helva and other Turkish confectionery and fine food.

By way of brief background, Ozerlat is our family’s coffee roasting business running in Cyprus since 1917. As Cyprus’s oldest coffee roaster, we’ve been providing gourmet Turkish coffee for over three generations, still using the artisan way that our grandfathers used. To complement our Turkish coffee and to present this unique experience fully, we partnered up with the oldest confectionery house in Istanbul operating since 1777 in their 6th generation and have a specially crafted Turkish confectionery selection.

Together with our manufacturers and new partners (who are again family business) we have added new products to our range and now proudly present Ozerlat Real Tahin Helva and Aydin Inciri (PDO) – Natural Dried Figs to fine food lovers in the UK and across Europe.