Perfect for the Bold

Red hot and warming. A heat that lingers just long enough.

Chilli, bay leaves, juniper and black pepper.

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Fiery and flavoursome, this SPRY is all about the deep, rounded heat of our favourite seasonal chilli, the scotch bonnet. Finely tuned with the peppery power of juniper, cracked black pepper and bay leaves, the warmth of this shot keeps you tingly for just the right length of time.

34.5% ABV

Chilli, bay leaves, juniper and black pepper.

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SPRY is a tribute to our Scandinavian roots, in the shape of a short, memorable sipper.

Coming from Denmark, tradition meant making a yearly infusion of the festive spirit ‘snaps’, enjoyed around the table for family holidays, with friends in the great outdoor, or with a simple, hearty meal.

Capture that feeling of togetherness, or samvaer as Danes call it, is what SPRY is all about. We want to share this experience with other cultures, so they can create the same wonderful, lasting memories.

With SPRY we’re changing the perception of shots, starting with a fusion of fresh, guilt-free ingredients and finishing with a flavour and an experience that can be savoured and remembered fondly.