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Borage is a culinary herb which is also grown as a specialist crop, because of its health-promoting properties (it can work wonders on skin disorders and some studies suggest it can reduce inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis. Both the leaves and flowers of the plant are edible, and the seeds are used to make oil. Honey bees are highly attracted to the nectar rich striking vivid blue flowers. Borage honey is a beautiful light gold colour. This honey benefits from a wonderfully delicate, sweet and smooth flavour profile.


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Our delicious award-winning 100% pure English Honey is produced on the

family farm where our lovely bees can forage naturally for pollen and

nectar, creating an outstanding raw honey with a clear provenance.

We are Richard and Sarah Hoyle. We live on a wonderful farm in Navestock

Side, Essex and our mission is to have happy, healthy bees, who are free to

make the most gorgeous honey. Our bees live in hives carefully positioned

on the best sites, allowing them to feast on the nectar and pollen available

from the abundance of bee-friendly flowers.

We specialise in raw honey which means that unlike many imported

products, we don’t destroy the natural vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants

by overheating and pasteurisation processes. Our range of six different

types of honey is just as nature intended, packed with nutritional

goodness and exceptional taste.

Our fabulous bees work very hard to create a heavenly honey treat for your

taste buds– and like any farmed crop – you can’t just ‘make more’. So,

every year represents a unique ‘vintage’ influenced by the varied nectar

types that combine to create different shades and flavours, something

that simply cannot be replicated by any mass market processed honey.

We are proud to announce that Hoyle’s Honey is now so well established

we are able to offer a year-round supply.