Seitan Ragu (vegan) & Mediterranean (Mixed Box 250g)

Mixed box with 6 Mediterranean (250g) & 6 Seitan Ragu (250g) (plant-based meat alternative)

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Mixed box with 6 Mediterranean & 6 Seitan Ragu (plant-based meat alternative)

Mediterranean: This tasty sauce is all about the burst of flavours! It includes all the good stuff from Mediterranean cuisine: fish, olives and tomatoes. 

This is by far our children’s favourite pasta condiment – full of personality! 

Still Gluten and Dairy-Free, this is a refreshing and satisfying option for a quick meal. 


Seitan Ragu: Seitan Ragu is a plant-based meat alternative to the traditional Bolognese Ragu, vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Developed in collaboration with Queen Margaret University’s team, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This product is a perfect blend of traditional Venetian flavours and vegan seitan.

Seitan is a gluten protein, therefore this product is NOT gluten-free, and allows us to achieve the same juicy and meat-like consistency of a regular meaty ragu.

We are quite proud of how this product turned out -both in consistency and flavour.

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