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Tempus House Salami. 0 Whole salami to be sliced for retail or food service 2.8-3.2kg Whole Salami. Each salami is hand picked and weighed for your order.

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Tempus House Salami.

Our simplest salami, Tempus House Salami is made in the French saucisson-sec country style and flavoured solely with black pepper.

This is the simplest product in our entire range and one, which highlights beautifully the flavour profile of our pigs. This salami is flavoured solely with black pepper, is fermented for 2-3 days and then aged for 2-3 months. We use natural casings. It makes life a little harder but brings a depth of flavour you can?t get with artificial skins.

Pigs come from Large Black rare breed pigs farmed in at two farms in Norfolk. Both are family run, outdoor reared and slowly grown in spacious surroundings to encourage natural behaviour and a rich varied diet to give the meat its complex flavour.

Tom and Dhruv spent a number of years making charcuterie using various heritage breeds and eventually they chose Large Black. The pork from these animals has a wonderful depth of flavour and, in their opinion, the optimal ratio of lean to fat to create exceptional charcuterie. Part of Tempus’s unique offer is there purpose built 21st century cellar. Tom and Dhruv have developed their own unique bio-flora to enhance the maturation of each salami, ham and coppa as they age to perfection. This has been a key challenge, and will continue to improve.

Equally they have sought out traditional methods and equipment to replicate the techniques in Italy?s Po valley. This means experienced chefs and rare equipment that is difficult to maintain are required to get the grind, the textures and the blends for the best outcomes. All our products are developed from scratch in our kitchen by Tom, Dhruv and our chefs. All our team are chef trained as part of our ethos of focusing in the getting the best and most interesting flavours onto the plate.

Tempus’s charcuterie’s light texture and dense flavour has a place in canapes, in starters, salads, for lunch time sharing boards and as a meat flavourings in recipes. Used widely in Italian cooking charcuterie now appears extensively on British Menus, and Tempus is the ideal British substitute for common European salumi. For matching to drinks, try a fruity chenin blanc, pinot gris or for reds Beaujolais. For inspiration, this salami pairs well with crusty bread, pickles, chicory and herb vinaigrettes.

Tempus is SALSA accredited, with stringent self-governing practices in excess of what is required by their local EHO. Tom and Dhruv insist on the highest kitchen standards as these go hand in hand with achieving the best and most consistent products possible.

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Pork, salt, black pepper

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