The Original Small Beer Dark Lager 1%

A stout or porter on the nose and a lager on the finish, like nothing you’ve ever had before.

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All coffee, toast and dark chocolate. Nosing like a stout or porter, this dark beer drinks like a lager and leaves a roasted toasty finish.

The darkness of this beer is achieved by the malted barley being kilned until it is black (the furthest along the scale that’s possible), which lends the rich colour and aroma of this beer.

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We make our beer with only the finest ingredients and natural carbonation. Our beers also spend a minimum of 6 weeks lagering in vessel to give them their undeniably clean yet pronounced flavour profiles.

Our brewing kit allows us to brew our beer to strength, so that we don’t need to remove the alcohol in any way. Instead we take the time and care to maximise flavour over alcohol creation.

You won’t see any vacuum distilling, reverse osmosis, filtration, processing, added stabilisers, arrested fermentation, clarifiers, isinglass, in our process.

Just water, malted barley, hops, oats & yeast!