Delishops Amazon Prime Channel.
Your Place to Go National

Amazon is, well, Amazon. Even before we look at what it sells, it has the largest and most efficient delivery system in the country. 90% of us use Amazon, 25% of whom are on Prime. There are a whopping 280,000 sellers on its UK marketplace alone. No wonder Mr Bezos is building spaceships.

The Delishops Amazon Prime Channel plugs your products straight into the heart of Amazon, benefiting from Amazon fulfilment, Amazon marketing and Amazon algorithms. All you have to do is deliver to the Amazon warehouse.

There is no better or easier way to reach the whole of the UK consumer base.

The Easiest Possible Option To Utilise Amazon Prime

Open to all. VIP Access for Delishops Professional Customers

Placing your products on Amazon through the Delishops Amazon Prime Channel is easier than you can imagine. It is as simple as filling out a product spreadsheet we will send you, and providing product images by WeTransfer. Leave the rest to us. When the products are loaded up onto Amazon, just dispatch orders when we ask for them direct to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. That is it.

Direct Access into Amazon Prime

We place your products directly into the Amazon Prime service. That means Amazon do the dispatch to the consumer, Amazon do the customer service, Amazon take the risk on stock not selling or going out of date, Amazon take the risk on returns.

Delishops buy the products from you and sell it onto Amazon. You deliver direct to Amazon, Amazon sell your products with their retail margin attached.

It’s a partnership.

Delishops Market on Amazon Prime

We are creating our own shop called Delishops Market on Amazon. Delishops will promote this to promote you and deliver more sales. Our target is to list over 500 products in the new Delishops Market on Amazon by Christmas.

We will promote the Delishops Market directly, and your products will benefit.

If you want to directly promote your products, we can arrange that too.

Worth The Wait

In terms of what you can expect in sales – Amazon is a slow burn that will gather momentum over 6-12 months. It takes about 4-6 weeks to get your product listed, followed by an initial order to stock up. After that, you can expect top up orders every 2-4 weeks for the first 3-7 months

Sales will pick up after this period as you climb the algorithm with reorders becoming more regular. We expect sales to double in year two, and then increase again in year three.

We anticipate Amazon being your largest online sales channel.

Pricing and Terms

We have set this up so it will be processed by you exactly like an ordinary wholesale sale.  We place an order, you deliver, we pay you at 30 days. Assuming there are no problems with the stock, you have no further responsibility for your products. It is exactly like a sale to a deli or farm shop.

Just like all other sales on Delishops, we make our money on the commission we charge on the sale. Commission is set at 11.5% for Delishops Pro customers, and 14.5% for DIY customers, just like a sale to any other customer.

Example: Delishops orders for Amazon £300 of stock (net of VAT and delivery):

  • Pro Vendors receive £265.50 in 30 days
  • DIY Vendors receive £265.50 in 30 days

Set your Delishops prices – and your Amazon prices – to make you money.

Other Features & Benefits

Sign up to get started

It couldn’t be simpler to get started on Amazon Prime just register your interest, we will arrange a conversation if you want to know more or if you have concerns about being on Amazon – Make sure that your product catalogue is on Delishops and leave the rest to us.

Frequently asked questions

Listing your products more than once on Amazon is no different to listing in more than one delicatessen. The more listings you have, the more sales you will make.

This is expected to be a very popular scheme, Several producers who list on Amazon already will be joining to get the twin benefits of Amazon Prime and not having the difficulties of the Amazon system.

Our onboarding programme is first come first served, and Delishops Pro subscribers jump the queue.

Delishops is a subscriptions service, minimum three months, to digitally build your trade.  £195 per quarter is exceptional value and you can get started today

With Amazon if you offer a promotional price, they will want that all the time. Strangely, because of their fantastic terms and conditions, customer service and cheap and efficient delivery, price is not that sensitive to sales. Make your wholesale price on Delishops as you would for any other wholesale purchaser – the price that makes you money.

No. Like any buyer – delicatessen or farm shop, wholesaler or hamper company – once Amazon own the stock they can set any price they like. You however control the price they buy it at.

That depends on how big your range is. Here are some tips:

  • Always stock your best sellers
  • Always list a critical mass to make it easy to reach your MOQ – at least five products if you can

List them. If Amazon nock you back, it has cost you and Delishops nothing to try.

You will receive orders on a Monday for delivery into Amazon on a Friday. You must be able to achieve this. If this is a problem, get in touch with our team to talk it through, but Amazon are very robust on this.

There is a window at the moment especially concerning food that makes Amazon an open door. We have had a couple of knock backs, but only on unusual or controversial ingredients. It is very unlikely to happen.

To be honest – yes. Amazon are tech company: discretion, variability, are not their strong points. List the products that you can relaibly deliver.

A stock-out a couple of times a year – that’s not a problem. More than than that, they will get tetchy.

We haven’t had any refusals on non-food items, so we strongly suggest you list them.

Any more questions? Ask us We want to make sales as much as you do.