Delishops 45 Days Credit Scheme

45 Days Instant Credit At The Click Of A Button

One of the Golden Rules of Retail – Sell it before you pay for it.

At Delishops we know you need to have access credit to make good business. That is why we have the most practical and accessible credit scheme in the UK.

The Delishops Credit Scheme allows you the Buyer to get a credit approval within seconds of joining Delishops. Just enter your company details and it will magically appear.

You can start shopping straight away.

The Easiest Possible Way to Pay Later

Open to all.

The Delishops Credit Scheme is in partnership with Hokodo. Here at Delishops focus on providing the widest range of artisan and interesting products. Hokodo handles the credit bit – that is what they are good at. Read on to learn how it works and what it can do for you.

Only with Delishops – Buy from over 200 brands with 1 credit agreement

The Unique Delishopos agreement means you can buy from any of the Delishops vendor partners under teh same credit agreement.

This is so easy, no paperwork, no multiple logins, no delays.

Start today. Start now.

Pay at 45 Days

When you order using the Delishops 45-Day credit scheme, our can take advantage of the 45 day payment terms.

All you have to do is fill out your details and Hokodo will make a credit offer in seconds.

81% of our corporate Buyers have credit approved.

Check out in the normal way, electing to pay by Hokodo.

Apply and be approved in seconds

To apply for credit, all you have to do is identify your company with Delishops, and Hokodo do the rest. Hokodo’s review systems give an instant result.

No long forms to fill out, no Trade References, No Bank references, no personal guarantees.

NO PRO FORMA first payments!

You can access credit immediately.

Check out in the normal way

The Hokodo payment system is integrated into the Delishops checkout. This means you can you can make purchases seamlessly, conveniently and at any time of day or night

Delishops want to make you eCommerce experience like Amazon – the easiest most convenient way to keep you shop or restaurant stocked. Our integrated checkout delivers that.

Pay Hokodo at 45 days

Once you have checked out, Hokodo takes over. You pay Hokodo (not Delishops) at 45 days just as you would other suppliers. You don’t even have to worry about making the payment – your debit or credit card entered at checkout will be automatically debited.

It is that easy.

Features & Benefits

Frequently asked questions

The Delishops credit scheme is open to any limited company listed with Companies House in the UK.

We are sorry but we rely on Companies House for our checks, and can’t offer credit to you at this time. We hope to be expanding to include businesses like yours later this year, but we understand that is no good to you now.

In the mean time you are still welcome to use your debit or credit card to make purchases.

Good Question! You are buying from Clicbox Ltd, trading as Delishops. We buy from the Producer, and sell it to you. We then pass the debt onto Hokodo through the Delishops checkout. It sounds complicated, so we make it as easy as possible. Checkout in the normla way with the Hokodo, and your cerdit or debit card will pay them automaically.

You will be paying Hokodo, but don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything. Your payment will be taken automatically from eth debit or credit card you have entered at checkout.

We need a debit or credit card to complete our credit and fraud checks – so we need you to have one to use our Delishops 45 credit scheme. It’s part of our business model to keep it streamlined and simple, but we understand and apologise this doesn’t suit everyone.

Both Delishops and Hokodo will confirm to you by email the transaction, the amount owed and when it will be taken. If there are any problems, Hokodo will be in touch to ensure the payment is made as easily as possible.

You can find out what your credit headroom is from Hokodo. They are a new business, like us in high demand coming out of the Covid crisis, and they work with several trade online marketplaces. If you also use any of these marketplaces, your credit limit will take this into account.

At Delishops we are working on getting your credit limit integrated into Delishops to make it even easier to use, so watch this space.

No, you can continue to pay on checkout using a debit or credit card in the normal way.

Hokodo will be in touch! You can arrange an alternative method of payment directly with the Hokodo team.

Lots of people like to pay immediately they purchase, but most retailers and food service businesses live on credit. These business try to have sold what they have bought before they have paid for it. 45 days credit with Delishops gives you more space to arrange your stock and keep to that rule.

Any more questions? Ask us We want to make sales as much as you do.