Calling all Food Heroes, Agencies and ambassadors.
Let’s build a community around You and your clients!

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Why create a dedicated Social Marketplace for Food Lovers?

In the new normal social yet socially distanced world, nothing is more social than food. Sharing is food and drink’s greatest gift to us. our platform is here to combine the sharing and enjoying of food with the buying of food, juts as your would if you went to Borough Market or La Boqueria, the night market in Marrakech or the Street of LA.

Food IS Social.

Who are Food Heroes?

Hero is a big word – are you up for it? Everyone has food stories to share, whether it’s the places you’ve travelled to, your love of regional cuisine or your family recipe book. This is the time to share.

For many of us, food is also our trade. You are producers, shopkeepers, chefs and food writers. Make your presence felt here.

Let Delishops bring people to your world.

Food writers & Bloggers

Publish your blogs and images here and release your true voice. No editors here!

Teachers, trainers and food schools

Never before has thee been so much demand to learn! Finding the right voice to learn from makes all the difference. Get out here and make that person you.

Events organisers

Every event, festival and market has food at its heart. Bring your your event to Delishops and get the food community – consumers, producers and stall holders – involved.

Foodies & Food Lovers

Everyone has a food story in them. The intimate stories of everyday people with unusual food histories are often the most inspiring.

Social Warriors

Make cake not war here.

Food brands

For food brands speaking to your followers is essential to get your story out, your provenance on show, your quality recognised.


Use Delishops to broadcast your reputation and skills, to promote your clients and find new opportunities. Delishops gives you more tools to add more value.

Local cuisine specialists

Local cuisine is both in demand and under threat. Help keep it alive.

Street food artists

Street Food is one of the most intimate, niche and loyal forms of catering. Learn and share your skills and publicise your comings and goings to people who want find you..

Wine and Spirits lovers

People want to know know how to find, to choose, to taste and to describe good drinks. If you have those skills, we can help you share them.

Cooks & Chefs

Chefs and Cooks are the many headed engine of food. You are the people who learn, test and taste food. People need to hear from you.

Ambassadors & Influencers

Influnecers and Ambassadors bring life and attention to foods that need it, they raise up young brands and bring new energy to established ones.

Health and lifestyle professionals

We need you. Industrial food has become a behemoth and we need you to guide us through it.

Restaurants Bars and Pubs

It has been a poor year, come and connect with the people who still love you! Food service businesses need to share what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong, lets learn together.

Controversy Corner

Let’s get really angry about miss-using Spanish paella, Vegan cheese, Goan curry and Jerk Chicken.

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How will our social marketplace benefit you?

The Delishops Social Market is a free to enter community where foodies can link together, show and share and create momentum. Combining social tools, like liking , following, blogging, groups, profiles and forums, with market tools, like storefronts, shops, event signups and teaching tools reflects what people are actually doing.

Paint a picture of food as you know and love it. Let Delishops be your canvas.

Blog posts, social groups and more

Blogs, which is honestly a horrible word, are the meat and drink of online content.

Far for being an pithy elevator pitch, they are a demonstration of your style, your cares and your identity. They are what will attract people to your causes and your community within your social groups.

Engage people within your community

Groups are the communities that make up Delishops.

Create your communities and learn their name, talk to them directly, reach out to them regularly or once in a while.

On Delishops you can create yourself a following of like minded committed food loving people you want to learn from, and whom you want to listen to you.

From Community to Action

As an Influencer, Food Professional, Brand or Event, you want and need people to take action.

That may be to follow a brand, make a purchase, visit a bricks and mortar retailer, book a restaurant or buy a ticket for an event.

Delishops gives you the tools to put those calls to action straight to your community.

The world’s your lobster (or cheesecake, or porkpie or….)

You may have more questions, which is why we at Delishops have our own community for you to ask questions and learn more.

Make a start now.

Education, Inspiration & Tools

Creating the products is the hard bit! And you’ve got the tools (if you join us) now add a dash of knowhow, a pinch of inspiration and you will be a marketing guru before you know it.


We are creating library of simple, practical how to guides – and some of them are interactive as well


Blog posts, news and views from top marketeers and industry experts like the Guild of fine food


Help yourself with peer to peer forums

Cheat Sheets

Shhh – It’s marketing not rocket science. You have all the ingredients – this is the method

Success stories

Sometimes you just need to see how other people have done it!


Yep, there are some dedicated community groups (for your eyes only) on just about every aspect of marketing


Join us and access our online webinars on just about everything from content management to full blown marketing


Our email newsletter dedicated to food producers


Everyone loves a bargain, a VIP invite, or first dibs on the new season limited edition Seaweed rum.  

Follow your nose on The Delishops Social Market for the hottest offers of the food world.

And that’s just for starters…

Take a look at our roadmap for more details about what’s coming.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t. What happens on Delishops Social Market stays on Delishops Social Market.

[We make our money from subscriptions and commissions from the people who sell on the Market]

Nope, but we try to keep things light and fluffy with no soggy bottom feeders.

A little bit. We respond to complaints, and will take down anything that sounds too angry or ‘ist. We tried to write a policy about it, but decided just to tell everybody to play nice instead and see what happens.

Fortunately there are plenty of other platforms where people can show face if they don’t want to play by the book.

Very good question. For most recipes I use 70-80% cocoa, the rest in melted chocolate, and 120% of the recommended butter. If your skewer comes out dry you’ve baked it too long.

Still have questions about how Delishops can help your business?