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Delishops DIY

Free Forever

Delishops is a free to list online sales platform for Buyers to browse the catalogues of over 150 producers.
More than a catalogue; the platform allows people to search by specific areas of demand – regions, health benefits, allergens, formats, eco-credentials and more – take the DIY route to list your products on Delishops today.

On Delishops Wholesale you can list your complete catalogue, configure your storefront, manage your products, take orders and receive payments, all through your control panel.

Delishops is promoted direct to registered buyers. Our newsletters go out to over 800 qualified buyers, and our growing social channels reach over 1,500 businesses.

The steps to list are

  1. Register your seller account
  2. Upload your products
  3. Complete your business profile by adding a description of your business, a logo and a banner image
  4. Link or create a Stripe account to receive your payments (it’s free)
  5. Start telling everyone you are on Delishops!

  • Over 800 buyers reached
  • Over 200 partner producers (this is growing every day)
  • 10 Live Delishops Discovers Events per year attracting more Buyers every month

Our Buyers are businesses who need more than just price from the products on their shelves :

  • Super-buyers – such as Selfridges, Booths, Fortnum and Mason, supermarkets
  • Farm Shops
  • Delicatessens
  • Garden Centres
  • Independent retailers
  • Convenience stores
  • Foodservice – independent pubs and restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Corporate and personal gifting

The Delishops role is to promote you and your products. Some Buyers will buy off the platform, some will come to you direct.

If you want more attention for your brand on the Delishops platform, consider upgrading to Delishops Wholesale Professional.

Delishops Wholesale Market is free to join and list up to 15 products.

Delishops take 14.5% (+vat) commission from each transaction, calculated on the NET value of the products (excluding VAT and delivery if charged).

  • Your catalogue listed for free
  • Your Storefront for free
  • As the Buyer pays, your order is paid directly into your account
  • Delishops promotes you and your business
StorefrontYou get a company storefront that lists all your products. 
CatalogueYou can list up to 15 products.
Your Control PanelTo manage your products, company profile, delivery terms, orders and more.
SalesSales are made through the Delishops checkout. You are notified by email of who has made the purchase and where to send the goods. 
DispatchYou fulfil all orders directly to the customer.
Delishops commissionDelishops take 14.5% commission of the net products (excluding vat and delivery if charged).
Payment to youYou will be paid no later than the following Friday two weeks after dispatch, no matter which payment method the Buyer uses.
Payment by BuyersBuyers can pay by Debit or Credit card or on invoice, getting 45 days credit. Don’t worry, we pay you 15 days after dispatch no matter when the Buyer pays. That is our guarantee.

Delishops DIY

Your Wholesale Catalogue

Your catalogue is who you are – Delishops Wholesale Market lets you show it off to your best

In your catalogue you can show

  • Product name, description, case size and price
  • An unlimited number of images
  • Delivery terms
  • Category

In addition, you can add more value to your products by showing

  • Country of origin
  • Formats (such as retail packaging or catering pack)
  • FreeFrom & Health choices
  • Lifestyle choices such as organic or kosher
  • Food audit standards such as SALSA
  • Who stocks your products
  • Eco and green credentials
  • and more

On Delishops your products can show off everything they can be.

Delishops DIY

Your Storefront to Sales

You receive a company storefront that tells the Buyers about you and lists all your products. 

The storefront includes: 

  • A banner image for your business
  • A description of your company 
  • Social media badges 
  • Your catalogue Filters for buyers to find what they are looking for 
  • A form for Buyers to contact you direct

Delishops DIY

Orders & Payments

Sales are made at the Delishops checkout. You are notified by email of who has made the purchase and where to send the goods. You fulfil all orders directly to the customer. You get paid as soon as we do. Delishops take 14.5% commission of the net products (excluding vat and delivery if charged). 

When a customer makes a purchase, they checkout through Delishops central checkout and pay using a debit or credit card. Your delivery terms will be automatically added according to where the products are to be deliverd to. If a charge is required it will be added to their invoice.

A confirmation of eth order will be sent to the Buyer, and they will be able to see their invoice and purchase history in their Control Panel.

You will be notified by email of the products ordered, the customer details and where to send the shipment. If necessary you can amend your invoice in your Control Panel up to 6 days from the order being made.

Payment will be deposited into your Stripe account within 6 days, net of the Delishops Wholesale commission.

All your orders are displayed in your Control Panel. You can see your full history of orders and download invoices.

If you need to amend an order, such as an item is unexpectedly out of stock or the cheese you are selling is 2.1kgs rather than 2kgs, you have a seven day window to make the change.

Partial or complete refunds can be given in your Control Panel.

We pay on the following Friday two weeks dispatch. Dispatch is assumed to be 6 days after the order has been made unless you notify us through your dashboard.

We pay through online banking.

The customer can pay by debit or credit card. Delishops uses Stripe for its payment gateway. The Buyer’s payments details are stored with Stripe (Delishops has no access to any payment card details).

Delishops does not currently offer credit options within the Delishops Wholesale Market Free service.


  • Payment as soon as you confirm the order
  • Amend your orders before they go out if you need to
  • Secure end to end payments via Stripe

Delishops DIY

Delivery & Shipping

Delishops Wholesale is what is called a Dropship platform. This means Delishops makes the sale on your behalf, and you ship the product direct to the Buyer.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), below which they won’t make a dispatch
  • Free order Quantity (FOQ), above which delivery is free
  • Chargeable delivery band – between their MOQ and FOQ – with a flat delivery charge for this service

You can set up your delivery schedule according to Total vale of the Buyer’s order (net) or Total number of cases ordered.

Delishops allows you to vary your delivery charge, MOQ and FOQ across 5 regions of the UK. These regions correlate to what most courier companies use. Courier companies do vary in their terms and conditions, so Delishops can not guarantee our pre-set regions exactly match that used by your chosen courier.

The Delishops pre-set shipping regions are

  • Mainland UK
  • Highlands & Islands of Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Guernsey & Jersey
  • Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly


  • Set your own MOQ and FOQ
  • Set your own Delivery charges
  • Vary your MOQ, FOQ and delivery charges by UK region

Delishops DIY

Control Panel

Manage every aspect of your Delishops Wholesale account, from products, company profile, delivery terms and orders.


  • Control your company profile
  • Manage your products
  • See your orders and download invoices
  • Manage your delivery terms
  • Create or sign up for discounts and promotions
  • Registerfor events
  • Contact support

Wholesale Professional

Looking for growth

Delishops Wholesale Professional is a marketing service to bring you new trade customers to your virtual door. We make introductions, support you in those relationships, and make it as easy as possible for buyers to buy your products.

We bring those customers to your Delishops Wholesale virtual showroom. You can talk to them, show them your catalogue, send them samples, answer frequently asked questions, post new products and promotions and share imagery.


  • Priority access to the Delishops Amazon Prime Channel – list your products on Amazon Prime through Delishops
  • 30% Reduced commission on sales at 11.5%

Plus – with Delishops Wholesale Professional you get a meet the maker video hosted by Charlie Turnbull which features in all relevant Delishops Discovers events. The presentation we host for you attracts buyers to your showroom not only during events, but during every month you subscribe.

No other platform presents your company with this comprehensive range of tools to drive sales.

  1. We create your virtual showroom on Delishops Wholesale Market, you personalise your Delishops Showroom with imagery and text
  2. You upload your catalogue to Delishops Wholesale Market
  3. You confirm your time to record your meet the maker video with Charlie Turnbull which will be added to your showroom and used in relevant Delishops Discovers events
  4. Delishops promotes you, your catalogue and your meet the maker Presentation to Buyers with a proven interest in your business
  5. Together we engage your showroom followers and promote your products and make Sales
  6. Delishops Amazon Prime Channel
  7. 11.5% Delishops Sales commission

Invest in Delishops to get the leads you need from the Delishops Buyer community.

£195 per quarter, payable monthly (£65 per month + VAT)

Building your community takes time, and the Buyers you want only have a few buying windows per year. Delishops will bring you a steady stream of leads – you need the time to land them.

Delishops commission is at the reduced rate of 11.5% (+vat) from each transaction made on the platform, calculated on the NET value of the products (excluding VAT and delivery if charged).

You can cancel at any time up to each quarter end.

  • Everything from the Delishops DIY service
  • A virtual Showroom on Delishops Wholesale Market
  • Your catalogue on Delishops Wholesale Market
  • One Delishops Discovers meet the maker video
  • Inclusion of Meet the Maker presentation in all relevant Delishops Discovers events
  • Delishops brings Buyers to your showroom
  • You can engage buyers to make Sales
  • Bulk upload of your products by CSV
  • Telephone support with our team

Wholesale Professional

Live events

Virtual Events are an essential marketing tool – low cost compared to trade shows, available 12 months per year, and easy for Buyers to access when they want or need them. During the Covid crisis, everybody now values online events as the way to discover and engage with new producers.

Delishops Discovers

Delishops Discovers hosts live virtual events in partnership with awards and event organisers, such as Speciality & Fine Food Fair. 

We use these events to deliver live online interviews, attended by buyers from all sectors, together with influencers, journalists, bloggers and chefs. These people are always looking for ways to discover new and interesting products, brands and stories. And, they love our virtual meet the maker events!

Getting involved gives you a permanent resource, answering questions that we know that buyers are looking for.


  • Live interviews with buyers
  • Quick and easy access to samples
  • Buyers join you in YOUR Showroom
  • Our target: 20 – 50 Introductions from your live event 

Wholesale Professional


Your Showroom is your own dedicated space within the Delishops community. A place where you can engage with your buyers free of competition – It’s also the place where buyers access your live (and recorded) event sessions, order samples and ask questions.


  • Showcase your company and catalogue
  • Meet your buyers
  • Tell your story as it happens
  • Post videos
  • Allow your buyers to follow you and get updates from you
  • Post news, events, activity and product updates
  • Private space to engage with buyers 
  • Our target: 20 – 50 Buyer Introductions from your live event 

Wholesale Professional


Reward loyalty or get that first purchase – post your own promotions for your products direct to the Buyers who follow you in your Showroom

Delishops Themed promotions – participate in promotions for seasonal events or category sales promoted by Delishops such as Easter, Vegan or Sustainable Purchasing

Purchasing Consultancy – we are relied upon for our expertise in consulting start up retail ventures. You’ll be part of our offering from the start of their buying journey. 

Partner Influencers – our little black book of contacts is full of journalists, distributors, bloggers, influencers, feature writers etc.  

Promotions in trade magazines – we are often requested for content for the trade press 

Products requests – we are asked for short lists from large buyers e.g. for catering or air/rail meal boxes.   

All Delishops Promotions are driven through all our Social Media channels

  • e-shots to our Delishops Buyer community
  • Delishops Instagram
  • Delishops Twitter
  • Delishops LinkedIn
  • Delishops Facebook

Wholesale Professional

Direct sales

The Delishops team, made up of leading industry experts, are in contact with hundreds of buyers every day; over email, on the phone, via zoom meetings or on social media. We will ensure our Wholesale Professional members stay at the top of our ‘must-have’ lists. 

The Delishops team also work closely with a small number of independent retailers in a Purchasing Consultancy capacity. Your Showroom and Live Presentation makes it easier for them to show your products off best and make sales to those clients.

Wholesale Professional

DIY Tools

Your Showroom is your shop window, your trade stand and your interactive business card. We want to support you to make the most of it.

You can promote yourself within your Showroom, post news to your buyer members (such as new products and promotions), ask questions to get feedback on what you are doing or want to do and talk directly to individual buyers via messaging. 

The more you talk the more attention you will get.


  • Live links for your website to your Delishops Showroom
  • Guides to all the tools to show you at your best
  • Post promotional imagery to share with buyers to your Showroom
  • Guides to make the most of your Live Presentation
  • Bulk upload for large product catalogues
  • And more: lets us help you get out there.

Ready to join the Delishops community? Subscribe to Delishops Wholesale Professional here.

Wholesale Enterprise

The bespoke package – Create your own platform

Do you need more –

  • Are you a Multi-brand business?
  • Are you a large wholesaler that needs an online sales platform?
  • Do you want your own Wholesale platform?
  • Do you want to work your own community of suppliers in your industry?
  • Do you want an online market for your real world market?

Email to start the conversation.

Ready to grow your business?

Let us put you in front of the right people that want to buy products like yours. 

Still not sure?
Take a look at our buyers

Tap into a growing community of buyers…

Buyers to whom we are already connected  

Including some very distinguished names

Selfridges & co
Fortnum & Mason
Booths - food, wine and grocery


Delishops is more than just the platforms.

You don’t have to go it alone. Delishops customer support and services teams are here to answer your questions, help you master sales and marketing, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your subscription. All that — plus help documentation, educational resources, and training programs — means you’ll never feel left out in the cold.

  • Phone & Email Support
  • Support Webinars
  • Forums & Groups

Education, Inspiration & Tools

Creating the products is the hard bit! And you’ve got the tools (if you join us) now add a dash of knowhow, a pinch of inspiration and you will be a marketing guru before you know it.


We are creating a library of simple, practical how-to guides – and some of them are interactive too.


Blog posts, news and views from top marketers and industry experts like the Guild of fine food and The Food Marketing Experts.


Help yourself and others as you connect within peer to peer forums.

Cheat Sheets

Shhh – It’s marketing, not rocket science. You have all the ingredients – this is the method.

Success stories

Sometimes you just need to see how other people have done it!


Yep, there are some dedicated community groups (for your eyes only) on just about every aspect of marketing.


Join us and access our online webinars on just about everything from content management to full-blown marketing.


Our email newsletter dedicated to food producers.


Everyone loves a bargain, a VIP invite, or first dibs on the new season limited edition Seaweed rum.  Follow your nose on The Delishops Wholesale Market for the hottest offers of the food world.

And that’s just for starters…

Compare Delishops Wholesale plans and prices

Get started for free and scale-up as your business grows.

Get your products in front of buyers
  • Wholesale Storefront
  • Management dashboard
  • Up to 10 product listings
  • Unlimited orders
  • 10% Commission

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Delishops Wholesale
For brands looking for growth
  • Wholesale Starter plus…
  • One video event per year
  • Virtual Showroom
  • Delishops Marketing
  • 10% Commission

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Delishops Wholesale
Wholesalers, multi-brands & more
  • Wholesale Pro plus…
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Products
  • Delishops Marketing
  • 8% Commission

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Wholesale storefrontYesYesYes
Wholesale listings15UnlimitedUnlimited
Bulk product upload No YesYes
MOQs & FOQsYesYesYes
Wholesale ShowroomNo1 per subscriptionUnlimited
Live Presentation videoNoYesUnlimited per showroom
Forums & DiscussionsNoYesYes
Join community/Curated showroomsBy invitationYesYes
Buyer Payment terms
Debit or Credit cardYesYesYes
Pay by invoiceNoYesYes
7 Day Payment guaranteeNoYesYes
Virtual Events
Live event sessionsNoOne per yearYes
Virtual showroomNoYesYes
Co-Promoted with event partners NoYesYes
Activity & Messaging
Private messagingYesYesYes
Global activity updateYesYesYes
Private activity updateYesYesYes
Invite usersYesYesAll Showrooms
See who follows youNoYesAll Showrooms
Marketing & Promotion
Media inclusionNoPriority accessYes
Curated ShowroomsYesPriority accessYes
eNewsletter inclusionNoPriority accessYes
Social media promotionCurated Showrooms onlyPriority accessYes
Phone supportNoYesYes
Email supportYesYesYes
Support ticketsYesYesYes

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t. What happens on Delishops Social Market stays on Delishops Social Market.

[We make our money from subscriptions and commissions from the people who sell on the Market]

Nope, but we try to keep things light and fluffy with no soggy bottom feeders.

A little bit. We respond to complaints, and will take down anything that sounds too angry or ‘ist. We tried to write a policy about it, but decided just to tell everybody to play nice instead and see what happens.

Fortunately there are plenty of other platforms where people can show face if they don’t want to play by the book.

Very good question. For most recipes I use 70-80% cocoa, the rest is melted chocolate, and 120% of the recommended butter. If your skewer comes out dry you’ve baked it too long.

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