How to make the best of your Delishops Professional Showroom

Welcome to your Delishops Wholesale Professional Showroom. 

Your showroom is the place where you Meet your Community, Show off your Products and Post about your Business. This guide leads you to see what you can do and how to do it.

Your showroom has three main areas-

  • About you – your banner image and business description. This is your “elevator pitch”.
  • Your tabs – the Tabs provide give you tools to meet and communicate with your community A guide to the tabs is shown below.
  • Button Links to your samples and catalogue on the right hand side

Tips on what your Tabs do, and how to change Settings is outlined at the bottom of this page. First lets look at what you can make your Showroom do for you.

How to use your Showroom

Here are 11 tips for making the most of your showroom. The target is get a conversation going with individual buyers. That is how sales will come. Every tip is designed to get Buyers’ attention.

1 Meet your Members

First – who are your Members? Delishops automatically adds individuals registered on Delishops to your showroom if they

  • visit your showroom
  • order samples
  • register their interest in your company at a Delishops event
  • visit your product pages
  • view your catalogue or
  • watch your interviews

Think of your showroom as a stall at a trade show – Delishops collects the interest shown by people as your Membership List.

Look into your membership list and find out who they are. There will be lots of people who are not your target audience – bloggers, other producers, wholesalers, PR people plus the Delishops team. Do not ignore these people, reach out, build your network. Firstly however, look past them and find the Buyers.

Steps you should take

  1. Welcome them to your Group by posting in your feed using the @sign to get their attention (@+their name will send a message directly to them as a Mention)
  2. Click on the tile to find out more about them – look for the Buyers
  3. Connect with everyone
  4. Message the people you find interesting

You need to get a conversation started.

2 Follow up Off-Delishops

While Delishops will provide you with a list of names, some Buyers won’t respond through Delishops. Follow up off Delishops if you need to to get that conversation flowing.

  • Click on their tile – see if they are sharing their company, phone or email.
  • Google them or their company
  • Find out more about them on LinkedIn (very good) or Facebook and connect there.

Don’t be put off by silence. Remember they have shown interest in you even if only in passing. Find out why, make the person-to-person connection.

3 Promote your samples

Samples are more than an opportunity to show your products. They are an invitation to connect. Promote your samples on your Showroom, and use it as an invitation to get in touch.

Delishops strongly recommends you do not send samples to people you have not connected with – via Delishops, via email via social media or by phone with. Check them out first, start the conversation by phone if you can.

You may choose to send specific samples to certain types of connection – and not to send some samples at all if you feel it is not giving value to you or not the kind of trade you are looking for.

Go through your catalogue over e.g. 6-12 months, and promote samples from your whole range.

If you haven’t created samples in your catalogue yet go ahead and do so as a priority. if you are not sure how to do this, get in touch with the team on

4 Show your catalogue

Link your catalogue to your showroom. Buyers won’t follow up unless they know what you sell, and have seen the packaging, pricing and other key elements like awards you have received.

5 Post about products

Post about your products throughout the year. Promote the awards you have won, retailers who are buying from you, and press you have received. It is all testimonial for the quality and value offered by your range.

6 Upload documents and imagery

You can upload information to promote your products or affirm to Buyers you can support them as they look to stock you. These might be

  • images for Buyers to use in in-store promotions
  • images for Buyers to use in social media promotions
  • certifications e.g. for SALSA, or MSC
  • technical specifications
  • awards won
  • recipes
  • point of sale material

It all helps make a Buyer’s life easier, and shows you’re a highly competent partner as a producer.

Note: you cannot currently add videos direct to your Showroom. To add videos, add a link to your About You section, Feed or to a Discussion board.

7 Create FAQs on your discussion boards

Many of the questions Buyers ask you can post directly for them to see – MOQs, Seasonal ranges, upcoming promotion, shelf life of your products, available merchandising, opportunities for in-store tastings, customer samples or point of sale materials.

You can create discussion boards to answer these questions, then post about them to get people’s attention.

8 Add more people to your showroom: Invite people to your showroom

Your showroom is an asset – invite people to it. You can either invite people directly if they are registered with Delishops, or send them a link via email.

9 Add more people to your showroom: Put a link on your website

Put a link to your showroom on your website. If you would like an image/HTML link, get in touch and we will create one for you. You can also download the Delishops logos from the Delishops showroom here

10 Add more people to your showroom: Join in Delishops Events during the year.

Delishops promotes events throughout the year. To join a Delishops event you need to do one of:

  • sign up for video promotion. This is a Video advert we promote on Delishops, to our database of buyers and on social media for three months; or
  • offer an event relevant price promotion for us to include in our event programme (free)

To learn more about either of these options get in touch with the Delishops team on

11 Add people to your showroom: Join in Category showrooms

Delishops are rolling out category showrooms this year – Confectionary, Charcuterie, Cheese, Biscuits, Wines & Spirits and more. Get in touch with the team on to see how you can be involved.

12 Tell the world what is going on

Delishops is a social community for a specific purpose, to connect buyers with products they want. The more noise you make, the more attention you will get. Every time you take a step forward with your businesses, tell the business community about it.

How to use your showroom

Using your showrrom

DiscoverThis tab shows the video specified in the “Details” section of your Manage page
DiscussionsDiscussions are virtual notice boards you can create to post information or discussion themes in your showroom. You can also use the discussion space to post Frequently Asked Questions, and provide the answers. FAQ or discussion boards might include: Your MOQ and delivery terms, Christmas delivery information, NPD postings.
FeedThis is your Feed like other social media feeds.  You can post here directly, or post in your discussion boards.
MembersYour members are shown here.  You can click on them to learn more about them, connect with them or send them a message.  
Send InvitesYou can invite individuals registered with Delishops to join here.
DocumentsUpload documents for members to see.  Examples of useful documentation might be tasting notes, ordering guidelines or product specifications.
PhotosYou can upload imagery here for Buyers to use in promoting your businesses.  The most common use is co-promotion on social media, or promotion in store on flyers or posters. Do not upload imagery you do not want used by the Delishops community to promote your business, or for which you do not have the appropriate copyright.
AlbumsYou can arrange you imagery into albums for convenient access here.
Send Messages (sometimes within the 3 dots)You can send messages to all showroom members, groups of members or individual members here.
Send InvitesYou can invite individuals registered with Delishops to join here, as with Send Invites above – but this tab has the additional functionality of being able to send invites by email to people outside the Delishops community.

Edit the Settings in your Showroom

To edit the key elements of your showroom, click on the three dots in the tab row, and then follow the “Manage” link. From here you can edit the setting from the left hand side tabs.

DetailsYou can edit Your showroom name.  This should be your trade facing brand, not your consumer facing brandText for your About You descriptionYour video link.  For businesses linked to a Delishops event, Delishops set this to your interview with Charlie Turnbull, but you can add your own video link if you would like to.  Delishops does not host videos, so the link should take the visitor to a video hosting platform such as YouTube
SettingsShowroom functionality The first settings let you affect who can see your showroom and what members can do and see when they are in it.  We advise you leave these as they are. Showroom Category These functions attach you to events with Delishops.  Before you join any events, please contact the Delishops team. Showroom Landing Component Here you can select what the visitor sees first when they come to the showroom.
PhotoUpload here the image you would like to see in the smaller square photo space on your Showroom header area.
Cover PhotoUpload here your banner image.  It should be 1950px x 450px.
MembersHere you can Promote to ModeratorPromote to OrganiserRemove from the ShowroomBan a member The capabilities of each role are guided by the selections in Settings above
RequestsPeople who wish to become Members of your showroom are listed here.  In default requests are automatically granted, so this by default will be empty.
DocumentsHere you can choose upload permissions, and create a category structure if you need one.
ProductsYou can link your catalogue (also known as a “storefront”) here.  You need to enter your vendor “slug”.  This can be found as the element of the URL for your storefront. For example: if your catalogue/storefront URL your storefront slug is my-awesome-pickles.  Copy that and enter it into the box provided in this section.
DiscoverUnder development.
ForumSelect “Yes, I want this Showroom to have a discussion forum.” So that you can have discussion and discussion topics in your showroom. The connected forum will appear in the lower box.  Please do not change the connected forum, as this will mix your discussions with that of another showroom.
DeleteThis provides you with the option to delete your showroom.  We recommend you do not delete your showroom.  Ask a member of the Delishops team to hide it.

If you have any questions, get inn touch with the team on

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