Save time and money on trade purchasing.

Delishops Wholesale is a self-service marketplace that makes it easier to find and order stock, helping you to save time, reduce costs and stay in control of trade purchasing.


Find the right products for your business (at the right price). 

Fill that space on the shelves, quickly find new potential stock listings, get email updates based on your requirements and easily compare prices etc for the same (or similar) products from different suppliers. Then access real-time promotions, seasonal offers and take full advantage of volume pricing and discount shipping options to maximise profits.

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Spend less time on purchasing and more time growing your business.

Delishops Wholesale is a self-service marketplace that reduces the complexity of trade buying. Quickly and easily find and compare products, save your favourites, and quickly reorder stock.

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Manage expenditure, understand costs and improve cash flow.

No minimum orders and products delivered directly from the supplier let you decide what gets delivered from which supplier and when.  And, with single consolidated invoices and payment, you can manage your business’s spend and stay in control of cash flow.

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Who should buy on Delishops Wholesale?

If you buy, use or stock food products in your business, we’d love to have you on board.


Reduce wasteful spend with hassle-free orders, only purchasing what your business actually needs at a trade price and quantity discount that works for you.

Farm Shops

Compare and reference new products and prices, benchmark available products and make sure that you are always up to date with new trends and innovations in food retailing.


Create memorable food and drink moments that keep your customers coming back with the finest artisan products that they cannot get anywhere else.  

Pubs & Restaurants

Find new ingredients and create the perfect menu around seasonal, local or consumer food trends. 

Ready to save time and maximise your profits with Delishops Wholesale?

We hope so. If you share our passion for food and want to be part of our mission to help 1000 food businesses double in size by 2020 (or if you just like what you see) register now for early access and help us to help you.

Packed full of features to help you grow your business.

Flexible delivery

You choose when and where you want the products delivered, taking full advantage of the different suppliers delivery options.

Competitive marketplace

See competitive prices for specific products, and easily compare alternatives across different price ranges.

Improve cash flow

Choose to take delivery of the of stock at the level you need not minimum order values.

Reduce delivery costs 

Take advantage of free one-day delivery on qualified orders from participating suppliers or reduced costs for longer delivery dates or local deliveries. 

Simple supplier management

Spend less time searching for products, negotiating with and managing suppliers – find them in one competitive marketplace.

Easier VAT invoice management 

Compare VAT-exclusive prices, access downloadable VAT invoices and find invoices populated in your account.

Quicker replenishment

Add frequently purchased products to your favourites lists and add items for reordering in a single-click – or duplicate and edit previous orders.

Speed up approvals 

Add products to your staff approvals list with the ability to approve multiple orders, either in bulk or individually at the item level.

Add PO numbers to orders

Make tracking and reconciliation easier by add PO numbers and other business information at the point of purchase.

Line-item detail

Simplify reconciliation through detailed invoices containing each suppliers cost and delivery details

Evaluate and optimise buying 

Review and download spending reports to track procurement. Identify trends and opportunities to consolidate and reduce wasteful spend.

Create purchasing lists

Influence what your team purchases by creating lists with favourite products, making it easier for them to buy the right product.

How it works

Buying on Delishops Wholesale marketplace is quick and easy to get up and running.
Just follow these steps and you’ll be selling in no time!

Register your buyer account

It’s quick and easy, with no credit card or payment required whilst we are in beta, just give us a few details to setup your profile and you are ready to add products.

Browse for products

Once you’ve registered to sell online our product wizards and promotional tools help you get your product sales ready in no time.

Compare your options

You are available on the Delishops wholesale marketplace as soon as they are published and available to our ever-expanding retail network.

Place your order

When an order has been placed for your products, Delishops notifies you by email and send all the details to your dashboard.

Get your products straight from the supplier

Payment for the balance of your orders (after of sales fees) is deposited into your bank account, and you receive notification by e-mail that your payment has been sent.