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Hawkhead Whisky Smoked

Produ...MoreProducers of a range of whisky smoked cashews and award winning syrups and salts, based in the west of Scotland we use only aged whisky casks from Scottish distilleries in our smokery. Scotland is renowned for its rich larder – with whisky at the heart of its global reputation. Contained in every drop of Scotch is a 500-year-old story of malting, distilling, ageing and skill. And from Viking times to the present day, foods preserved through salting and smoking have been a staple of both winter survival and royal banquets in Scotland. By using only aged out whisky casks – each one having serviced the whisky industry for several decades – and a smoking process that has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, we capture the heritage and flavour of Scotland in everything we produce.

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